Our Agenda

New York gives away $7 billion of your tax dollars per year to businesses to help attract and keep businesses through a hodgepodge of programs at the state and local levels of government. One example is Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs), which grant tax exemptions and other incentives to businesses.  

In 2011, 46% of projects receiving support IDAs, lost jobs, failed to create a single job, or never made any job promises.  94 subsidy agreements that ended in 2011 lost jobs. These businesses originally agreed to create a total of 5,971 jobs. Instead, they lost 17,017 jobs.  We can’t afford this.

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Taxes are a means to providing the services we value as a society.  So, even though tax cuts may sound great in a vacuum, we must remember tax cuts mean fewer services, which are already stretched thin. So ask yourself, which services should we cut? Funding to your child’s school?  Repairs on the road or mass transit route you take to work every day? The police officers patrolling your community? Or, how about care for the disabled? Read More

New Yorkers are working harder and harder, but falling further and further behind. Median family income, adjusted for inflation, declined each year from 2008 to 2011 – nearly 6% throughout the state. The result is increasing income inequality. Nationally, the top 1% controls 22.5% of income. In New York State, the top 1% controls 30.3%, and in New York City, the number is 38.6%. Our tax system only exacerbates the problem. The top 1% pays 6.9% of their total income in state and local taxes, when you account for the federal offset, while everyone else pays over 10%. Read More

New Yorkers don’t want a hand out, we just want a chance to succeed.  Together, we must provide the support necessary for hardworking New York families to excel and be safe both on and off the job. The lack of access to quality and affordable child care, for example, is a barrier to workforce.  We must do more as a state to bridge the gap and allow more New Yorkers to be productive parts or our economic engine. Read More

Corporations and billionaires have driven the agenda in Albany and in local governments all across the state.  They have rammed through cuts to worker wages, benefits, and rights as well as cuts to the services you rely on each day, all based on a promise that cuts would turn around our economy. But, we’re no better off.  Unemployment and underemployment are all too common, wages are declining, and poverty is pervasive. Read More

Get Involved! – Too many New Yorkers are struggling; we see it every day. We need to start looking at things from the perspective of the workers who call our state home, not the corporations who call New york their tax break layover. We should be strengthening and developing new ladders to the middles class, as well as restoring some semblance of basic fairness in our society.That is why we need YOU to join the fight and pledge to make NY work for all!

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